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Hello. I’m Judith. I run Green Street and I thought you might like to know a little more about me and how Green Street came into being.


I was a theatre director for many years - working in London, Dublin and Cardiff and creating highly theatrical productions which were admired as much for their visual beauty as for their emotional power. 


But there was always a second love - gardening!  And so I became a student at Capel Manor Horticultural College and started to design beautiful gardens which were filled with beguiling and beautiful plants and flowers. 


Of course, no-one could resist bringing those flowers into the house and their colour, scent and structural appeal lifted the spirits of everyone who saw them. And so I went back to school again to study at the University of Bristol's Botanic Garden and at the British Academy of Floral Art. Green Street is the company that followed from that combination of passion, education and practice. 


If you live in Bristol, the Cotswolds, Somerset or Cardiff, or any of the lovely places in between, please feel free to get in touch. All enquiries are welcome.

Telephone enquires and orders : 07779 089 905
Email enquiries :
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